Purpose of Establishment

Enhancement of National Competitiveness in the Global Era: Active Responses for the Need of Invigorating Latin American Regional Studies

In the context of rapid development of globalization and informatization, Latin American region has become more and more important as a strategic location in the aspects of society, culture, and economy. In line with the importance, the necessity of the studies for Hispanics in Latin American region, Spain, and the U.S. has also increased in order to actively cope with the global circumstance.

The Institute of Hispanic Studies was established to contribute to the enhancement of national competitiveness and successful international management by conducting and stimulating the comprehensive regional studies about literature, history, culture, politics, economy, society, and business management in Latin American region. The purpose of our institute is as follows.

  • Preparing a bridgehead of Latin American regional studies
  • Publishing a periodic academic journal for Latin American regional studies
  • Placing a groundwork of interdisciplinary research about Latin American region
  • Promoting Industry-University- Institute collaboration