Greeting from the Director

The Institute of Hispanic Studies at the Korea University endeavors to enhance national competitiveness in the global era by conducting systematic and comprehensive research.

Since its foundation in 2007, the Institute of Hispanic Studies at the Korea University has carried out academic investigation on Latin America and Spain. With renowned specialists in a variety of research areas including linguistics, literature, politics, law, business management, geography, anthropology, among others, the Institute has dedicated to fostering scholarship and understanding of Latin America and Spain in Korea.

Additionally, the Institute has conducted a research project on the emerging regions in support of the National Research Foundation of Korea since 2012. The purpose of this project is to identify and analyze risk factors on behalf of the Korean corporations that have pioneered in the emerging markets of Latin America. Furthermore, the project aims to construct mutual and cooperative networks among private companies, government branches, and the academic societies both in Korea and Latin America. It also proposes to construct more systematic and integrative information infrastructure on Latin America.

We will continue our efforts to promote professional and academic achievements on Latin America and Spain in Korea. We also hope to contribute to strengthening the national competitiveness of Korea through our endeavors.

Jaehak Lee
Director of IHS